Ways to Lessen Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is one of the most debated topics today. There are individuals who believe that their carbon footprint isn’t that substantial to cause damage to the environment, while there are also those who believe that lessening carbon footprint is a personal responsibility.

What is carbon footprint anyway?

Carbon footprint is defined as the total greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) that a person, a group, a product, or even an organization produces. Computing for an accurate amount of carbon footprint produced by a particular entity is next to impossible considering that this requires a vast amount of data. While you may not be able to exactly determine how much GHG you are producing, you can be settled at the thought that you are indeed creating your own carbon footprint whenever you indulge in activities that leads to the production of GHGs.

Now the question is how will you be able to lessen your own carbon footprint?

In order for you to be able to implement ways to lessen carbon footprint, you need to know what activities contribute to the GHGs in the environment.

Burning fuel is among the primary sources of GHGs. This means that power plant operations, along with every other manufacturing plant that relies on fuel to operate, emit greenhouse gases. Transport of goods and services is along among the sources of GHGs. Whenever you drive your car, the combustion that takes place also creates these harmful gases.

What can you do?

Lessening your carbon footprint does not mean that you have to stop driving your car or use electricity. It simply means that you have to be more aware with the rate of your own energy consumption.

  • Turn off and unplug appliances whenever they are not in use. The less energy you consume, the lesser amount of fuel will be burned from power plants.
  • Make it a point to purchase items in a single location so that you would not need to drive your car around from one place to another.
  • Go for organic and locally-produced goods. These goods would only be transported for a short distance, hence, less fuel is consumed and burned.
  • Choose energy efficient appliances. Look for products that are Energy Star certified.

These are just some of the practical ways for you to be able to lessen your carbon footprint. It only takes some willingness and some discipline in order for everyone to lessen their carbon footprint starting now.