Original Abstract Contemporary Modern Art Technique by Igor Turovskiy

Original Abstract Contemporary Modern Art Technique by Igor Turovskiy

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22 Responses to Original Abstract Contemporary Modern Art Technique by Igor Turovskiy

  1. Igor Turovskiy says:

    Any question send to igorgraph@gmail.com

  2. freac212 says:

    Great color energy! I really love this technique and would like more info; is this on canvas, what type of paint, is it sprayed on a wet surface or is your paint thinned, do you have a video on the specifics? Again, great work!!

  3. Igor Turovskiy says:

    All I used is Granicrete Product, I am distributor so contact me, if you want to get paint.

  4. Elke Strunz-Monkenbusch says:

    which sorts of paints are used for these paintings?

  5. Andrew Thompson says:

    what paint is this?

  6. Vidyalakshmi A.C. says:

    ur art is amazing! thank u for sharing..

  7. AdobeRose1 says:

    beautiful and amazing

  8. jay murcilla says:

    your art is so extraordinary that my eyes were like stuck on the screen…

  9. HELLisREAL911 says:

    Do you offer any instructional videos? I’d love to buy one if so.

  10. glitzdaleart1 says:

    beautiful work, really like it.

  11. nasr2022 says:

    Very nice. Thank you

  12. ela ness says:

    do u work on regular canvas?

  13. Igor Turovskiy says:

    If you have any qustions contact me at igorgraph@gmail.com or call 757-495-3037

  14. Igor Turovskiy says:

    Paint I work with works the best on concrete overlays or plexy

  15. Irie Yamon says:

    i was wondering wht he doesnt paint on canvas instaed on boardor plexiglass

  16. thesvedepo says:

    beautiful! Will you please email me the kind of paint you use? And anything else you would like to share. Love your work!! sharivedepo@yahoo.com Do you have an instructional video?

  17. moeesa says:

    iv just sent the email once again.. hope you receive it this time..if not please let me know of any other means of contact.
    Mo Esa

  18. hesse13 says:

    Beautiful modern art! Really beautiful! Igor, considering you are using so much paint and water, how long does it take for a painting to get dry? Thank you…

  19. pogart2000 says:

    Great work! Beautiful blends. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Igor Turovskiy says:

    I did not get email, send to igorgraph@gmail.com

  21. moeesa says:

    i sent u an email yesterday igor..hope u can reply @Igor Turovskiy

  22. vampie821 says:

    Does anyone know the name of this song that is played in this video?

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