Dubstep – We Are Scientists – Ghouls (Tha New Team Remix)

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21 Responses to Dubstep – We Are Scientists – Ghouls (Tha New Team Remix)

  1. Ben Verret says:

    since you know so much, let us all follow in your steps and be just like you. possibly never remastering anything just to keep the nostalgia alive. Nah i would rather use a plastic bag instead of carrying things in a wicker basket.

  2. Blitzeyou says:


  3. TheAlexPiotrowski says:

    I am very intrigued as to how you use your usb capabilities to play piano. lol

  4. Tahita Patterson says:

    Fucking badass!!! I just got addicted to the real song today, and now I heard this!! xD Its a good day in music for me!!

  5. Richard Chatman says:

    You are now the boss of the comment section.

  6. Isabella Curcio says:

    I respect you sir

  7. TheOfficialMultiplex says:

    Thank you pandora .

  8. Rick Johns says:

    Somebody give this man some thumbs up.

  9. dm40981 says:

    Awesome tracks btw. Makes me wanna bang my head until I start to break my neck. Lol

  10. dm40981 says:

    Yall need to grow up, step back, and look at the big picture. It’s music. How people express themselves. You don’t like it, cool n’ groovy. But there’s no reason to trash someones music. And all others who’re getting back ESPECIALLY need some growing up. Leave it be. They don’t like it, so what. The world doesn’t revolve around ANY of you guys me neither. Just chill out. You guys are getting worked up over nothing.

  11. generaltoma966 says:

    the best song

  12. eurrutia89 says:


  13. xXxNoXGirlyXGirlxXx says:


  14. Wesley Vincent says:

    Stop getting butthurt and enjoy an amazing track x

  15. boethiah12 says:

    Said by someone who clearly has no understanding of sound and music.

  16. BiritaniOdetteVan Stein says:

    Ha I just got that nice! xD

  17. BiritaniOdetteVan Stein says:

    I hate you.

  18. Cascadesbmx says:

    If it’s that simple to make a decent dubstep song just “simple beats and effects” why don’t you use your head make a dubstep song and rise to fame like skrillex make a shit ton of money from being a music producer because after all it should be easy right? because all it is ” to program simple beats and effects” after all, Prove us all wrong.

  19. 332karkas says:

    The best

  20. WackyShotzz says:

    You just can’t recognize that you’re the problem here.

  21. christian fatianow says:

    First of all a DAW is an instrument in itself and dubstep along with all kinds of electronic music still has music theory and LOTS of creativity. Please send me a link of one of your amazing songs you learned to create. Your just an ignorant fuck who thinks he is the sole judge of what is music and what is not. Good music is an opinion and telling everyone else that there opinion is shit really shows how ignorant of a douche you really are. Good day sir!

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